W E   A R E  E N U G O
U N I Q U E   S H A P E S.
C O M F O R T A B L E   C L A S S I C.
Q U A L I T Y   F A B R I C S.
Enugo is the recreated wardrobe for the modern woman. We redefine men’s classic shirts and suits to offer new uniform suitable for dynamic power woman of today.
Enugo styles are produced in Polish Pomerania, with fairpaid workmanship and care of local relatonships.
We use high quality wool, silk and cotton for comfortable wearing, for the longest use. During pattern making process we implement zero waste technique to reduce the quantity of used fabric.
We are women. Our team uses fashion as creative megaphone. We implement design doing mission to create change by thoughtful collections that empower groups with social disadvantage.
2014 – 2017
Enugo founder – Natalia Golec, fashion design education at MSKPU Warsaw (International School of Costume and Fashion Design in Warsaw).
First of Natalia’s design achievements:
1st prize of New Look Design Refresh.
Top Ten Final of Fashion Designer Awards.
Natalia’s diploma collection OPU. form wins lot of awards and get’s positive comments of media and fashion environ ment:
– 1st prize of Off Fashion.
– Semifinal of Ecochic Design Award Hong Kong.
– Most awarded collection of MSKPU diplo ma show distincted by Mariusz Przybylski, Wearso.organic, SIMPLE CP, Lamode.info, Maciej Zień.
– Shows at prestigious fashion events as Warsaw Fashion Street and Cracow Fashion Square.
– Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology scholarship award.
– Natalia continues education at Central Saint Martins London. Brand Enugo founded by Natalia Golec.
-Big opening of Enugo shop online. First regular collections Spring/Summer 17’ and Autumn/Winter 17’ instore.
Enugo develops and sales collections in prestigious concept stores and online multibrands.


Fall/Winter 18’

To those who oppose us we say – strike against the woman and you strike the rock. – Winnie Mandela

Power and delicacy, beauty and imperfection, wisdom and emotionality.

Collection is made of women stories, for women, by women.

What’s your story?

By subtile mediums, as shapes and colors enugo woman can express and feel beautiful, visible and audible.

Forms are layered and deconstructed, still being ready to wear, conscious offer for lovers of unique shapes in everyday outfit.

Fabrics used in collection are silk, satin, soft cotton and cosy wool. Collection is designed for women sensuality with admire of her body. All materials are selected to give comfort, cosy cocoon and soft touch.

Color palette is based on manifesting red, intensive purple and shiny green. These are power colors used to create the spot in the crowd.  They are balanced with classic blackness signifying women emancipation power.