W E   AR E   E N U G O
U N I Q U E S H A P E S.
C O M F O R T A B L E C L A S S I C.
Q U A L I T Y F A B R I C S.
Enugo is the recreated wardrobe for the modern woman. We redefine men’s classic shirts and suits to offer
new uniform suitable for dynamic power woman of today.
Enugo styles are produced in Polish Pomerania, with fairpaid workmanship and care of local relatonships.
We use high quality wool, silk and cotton for comfortable wearing, for the longest use. During pattern making
process we implement zero waste technique to reduce the quantity of used fabric.
We are women. Our team uses fashion as creative megaphone. We implement design doing mission to
create change by thoughtful collections that empower groups with social disadvantage.